Pomegranate Cake 25Despite hailing from warmer climes there’s something about pomegranates that make me think of colder months. Those berry bright seeds scattered over a cake or nestled in the bottom of a glass are the perfect pop of colour for a winter wedding and couples who want something a seasonal without being Christmassy.

Pomegranate Cake 21Pomegranate Cake 8The terribly talented and lovely Lucy Heath, of Capture By Lucy, is an incredible photographer and another person I met on Instagram. We’d both been fans of each others work for while before deciding to get together for a micro-shoot and once we had everything sort of fell together.

Sometimes it’s great to get together with other creative types and just make something beautiful over copious cups of tea and a good catch up. The end result being a series of stunning photographs is an added bonus!

Pomegranate Spoons and Glass 1I’ve worked with Bristol based stationer Harriet de Winton on a number of shoots now and she never fails to blow me away with her beautiful hand painted stationery designs. When I spoke to her about my plans to spend a day with Lucy snapping pictures and playing with pomegranates she created this stunning suite of stationery just for us. Love it!

Pomegranate Stationery 22Philippa Gayler-Read, of Love Cake Bristol, and I were neighbours, have children in the same school, and bonded over our love of the wedding industry and the struggles of working from home. One day, while waiting together at the school gates, she mentioned working on a shoot with me. I immediately thought of the planned pomegranate shoot and imagined piles and piles of pomegranate seeds and berries heaped on top of a naked wedding cake, Philippa’s speciality. I think we can all agree that the finished thing is divine!

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