In need of unique wedding ideas?

From dresses to venues to caterers, there are SO many different factors you need to consider when planning your perfect wedding day. All of them need to be carefully researched and planned in order for the day to go off without a hitch but how can you do all this if you can’t decide on any ideas or themes?

Beautiful and unique wedding ideas are all over the internet; on blogs, on Pinterest, on Instagram. For most couples it can be difficult filtering all this inspiration and getting to the heart of how you want your wedding to look and feel. This is where my Inspiration Sessions come in; perfect for couples who want to do it themselves. We’ll go through each aspect of your wedding decor, sourcing props, recommending suppliers, developing unique ideas and inspiration, and of course endless tea and cake (a must when chatting weddings). Together we’ll come up with a cohesive and achievable plan based on your own wedding ideas. This can be passed on to venues and other suppliers to help get across what you’re visualising for your special day.

If we can’t meet in person, pop the kettle on, and we can do the session over Skype. Unfortunately biscuits won’t be included.

And if you decide it’s all going to be too much I’m still here to help! And I’ll happily deduct the cost of your Inspiration Session from the price of the Styling Service.

Inspiration Session are £75 for 90 mins.

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