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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: outdoor weddings allow for some of the best Wedding Photography Essex! It allows so many photo opportunities, natural lighting, and candid moments that just aren’t possible at an indoor venue. Today’s post all started on Instagram. This shouldn’t surprise me as much as it does all things considered. As the organiser of the Bristol Wedding Tweetup’s at Goldbrick House, I use Twitter and Facebook to connect with other businesses and couples on a daily basis, and use Pinterest to explore my own tastes and to help couples visualise what they want from their own wedding decor. In short – social media is a big part of my life. and spend so much of my time tapping away on my phone tweeting with other business owners.

When Shirlie Kemp followed me on Instagram I sent a brief thank you and mentioned how much I loved her photography and, perhaps a little cheekily, how good it would be to work together on a shoot. What could be the worst that happened? I love Instagram for this very reason that you can make contact with individuals & businesses that you may never otherwise get to meet in person. Shirley soon messaged back inviting me to join her and some other suppliers on a shoot in Surrey.

We used Pinterest a lot in the early stages of the planning; curating images Shirlie and I both loved and showing these to the suppliers we’d be working with. It’s a method I use with each of my couples and helps me create a visual map of how I’ll style each occasion. It was great being able to then show this to the suppliers I love to work with, fill up the car with props, and head to Surrey with Abi from Cake.

‘Romantic, vintage, and whimsical’ became a real focus for Kirsty, the florist, and we couldn’t help but get excited as we planned the colours and the details of the floral arrangements. The Letter Loft provided the moss lettering that perfectly complimented the outdoor setting and hinted at the moss Kirsty used in each of the centrepieces. One thing I do struggle with whilst trying to shoot outdoors, however, is all the creepy crawlies! I often find myself trying to bat away mosquitoes in the middle of a shoot, or I get wasps crawling on the lens or ruining a frame as they fly too close. If you’re anything like me, you’ll always make sure that your venue has used a site like to remove any dangerous pests as part of your risk assessment. Not only should you be able to work without the risk of being stung multiple times a day, but you should also be able to capture better photos if you’re not constantly having to battle flying insects!

The outdoor wedding venue Virginia was the perfect fit for the theme — Even the fruit on the Abi’s cakes and the cocktails complimented the flowers; everything looked freshly picked and totally delicious. The dresses, all whimsy and ruffles, were handmade by the very talented Twit Twoo Dresses who specialise in handmade garments for flower girls and pageboys. Festooned with Kirsty’s flowers they were every bit as romantic as wished for. Lesley from The Vintage Hire supplied gorgeous vintage plates, glassware and cutlery that we colour coordinated with the surroundings.

Priory Farm, the stunning venue, has this amazing farm shop and beautiful nature trail and so every now and then our day was punctuated by members of the public enthusing about the shoot with us. It was fun hearing all the positive feedback from passers by and seeing so many people enjoying the farm and glorious weather. The farm is actually owned by a friend of Shirley’s which totally added to the welcoming collaborative feel of the shoot and we tried to incorporate different farm inspired elements like the rustic furniture, milk bottle carrier entwined with fresh blooms, and pretty crockery that could have been taken straight from a farmhouse dresser.

It was a fantastic day full of prettiness and creativity captured beautifully by Shirlie. It was wonderful working with such great suppliers, and of course I couldn’t resist a quick selfie with Shirlie. What did we do before social media…


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